The Replica Giuseppe Zanotti: When Shoes and Art Combine

Replica  Shoes + Art =Replica  Giuseppe Zanotti. I was tweeting the other day about my favorite shoe designers. This included Brian Atwood, Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti. Don’t get me wrong, Brian and Christian make some amazing shoes but Replica Giuseppe Zanotti seems to have the most creative shoes. I consider them pieces of art to wear on your feet. They are absolutely stunning.

Although a pair of Replica  Giuseppe Zanottis can run anywhere from $550 for a simple pair of flats or sandals to over $2,000 for an amazing pair of boots, it will be worth your while. Take a look for yourself! How amazing are these shoes??

if you have read any of my previous posts, follow me on twitter, or have noticed my main photo icon, I absolutely adore Balmain. So, the fact that Replica Giuseppe Zanotti designed a line of shoes for Balmain just leaves me speechless.

Worn by many of the models for the Fall 2009 Balmain show, these are my favorite shoes from Replica Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain.

So now that I’ve nearly fainted putting this post together (yes, I think these shoes are THAT fabulous)…what do you think? Do you love Replica  Giuseppe Zanotti? Who is your favorite shoe designer? I’d love to hear from you!