Louis Vuitton Waterfall Espadrilles Free Shipping Replica Shoes


The best Espadrilles come and go like the seasons, it’s recommended to grab your favorite pair before they get sold-out or unavailable. And if you pick the ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’ styles, you don’t need to worry about anything – let it sit in your wardrobe until the summer, wear it year after year, it will never get-out-of-style.

Introducing the fun and fashionable choice, the Louis Vuitton Waterfall Espadrilles. Crafted in single colors and embroidered with the Louis Vuitton Signature. It’s playful yet chic, perfect for the casual outfits.

The Louis Vuitton signature is crafted on both shoes, one reads ‘Louis’ while the other reads ‘Vuitton’. Espadrilles are comfy shoes, partly because they’re made from a layer of natural braided cord and rubber outsole.

These Canvas Louis Vuitton Waterfall Espadrilles are priced at $650 USD, €480 euro, £455 GBP, $920 AUD, $5350 HKD, ¥84240 JPY, ¥5100 CNY via the Louis Vuitton e-store or boutiques.


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