Louis Vuitton Queen of Hearts Shoes Free Shipping Replica Shoes

Unleash your fury with some Louis Vuitton Queen of Hearts shoes in tow! This collection is whimsical and quirky as it could get – we love how the label is so keen about the details, we forgot that this ain’t Wonderland! Before you go down any further into the Rabbit Hole of Shoes (we can dream, right?), you have to see what these babies have in store for you.


Queen of Hearts Monogram Infrarouge Ankle Boot
Size: 10cm/4 inch heel
Price: $1780 USD

This boot is definitely a showstopper – a grand design, marvelous print, attention to detail, what more could you ask for? This piece features the Monogram Infrarouge print, which was first seen during the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The black and red combination had us sold! It has a diamond shaped heel (inspired by a Monogram flower) and metallic cutouts which are brought to life by metallic leather. Yes. This is the boot of your dreams.


Queen of Hearts Glazed Calf Leather Ankle Boot
Size: 10cm/4 inch heel
Price: $2110 USD

This glazed calf leather variation shares a lot of similarities with the Monogram Infrarouge, but if you’re more of the colored leather type of shoe lover (not so heavy on the Monograms, eh?), you will love this piece. Both varieties have a padded insock with crisscross pattern for enhanced comfort. There’s no reason to go out there in pain – comfort is not an issue with these babies!


Queen of Hearts Sandals
Size: 1cm heel
Price: €780 EUR

The Queen of Hearts Sandals are flaming hot right now! This sandal in cracked metallic leather and suede baby goat leather is perfect for both casual affairs and date nights. Who says you gotta stick with the heels? Our point, exactly. LV maximizes style without sacrificing comfort, so you’re covered!

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As stated by me, if you wear the wrong shoes, then you can spoil an whole outfit, that is why you want a wide selection and different choices. My husband never seems to know what the distinction is between my 30 pairs of black shoes. They are not just black and they’re not only shoes; it’s pumps and vases and lace-up booties or ankle booties, it’s stiletto’s and ballerina’s or even loafers. . .you need choices in life and certainly in regards to shoes!The proper shoe is an immediate update to your own ripped jeans look, you may be dressed but still look amazing by adding a pair of designer shoes and you must admit that there is nothing better than a fantastic pair of new shoes…it is like an immediate shot of calmness and in my eyes a better cure than any possible Zanax or Prozac.So when Louis Vuitton offered Feeling Magazine and moi the chance to see their ateliers in Fiesso d’Artico, I first of all did this little dance of joy then replied with a big YES and invite you of course as I’m a well educated woman…Our adventures started off at the gorgeous town of Venice, it was all a “first timer” for me and I must admit that I felt like a kid in a candy store, surprised and in total awe with the beauty of the Italian town surrounded with its overpowering canals. The fact that everything is hauled by little ships or vaperetto’s, created the whole experience even dreamier and then there’s the Venetian architecture with its majestueus buildings, very incredible mankind once managed to assemble these greatness… once again I fell in love and the best was going to come, namely our visit to the heart of Louis Vuitton’s sneakers ateliers.

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