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A spokeswoman for the factory finally agreed to meet to discuss details of its production. Senior managers, ” she said, are the materials used are similarly imported from France. After assembly, she explained, the factory exports the goods to France and Italy, in which they are “finished” so they qualify for a “made in France” or “made in Italy” tag in accordance with EU law.The European parliament voted for compulsory “made in” labels in 2014 to untangle the knotted thread of globalised production. For products produced in more than one country, the nation of origin is the one where the items underwent “the last, large, economically justified processing”. Accordingly, the bottoms of the shoes are always added after they are exported.The Romanian mill affords visitors both a real and metaphorical window on the manufacturing procedure, as a glass wall opens up the offices to the factory floor.Beyond the window, the work environment is clean and bright and the staff work sitting down. “Here in Romania, these are matters that the workers love,” the LV spokeswoman said, referring to the bad working conditions elsewhere in the nation that have contributed campaigners to explain Romania’s substantial garment sector as “Europe’s cheap sweatshop”.

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