Christian Louboutin Sweety Charity Bag Cake Replica Trusted Dealers


You know how much we love Christian Louboutin shoes – the pumps and the heels, all are made to help us steal the spotlights. And so we want to tell Mr. Louboutin a Happy Birthday! Though a bit late because his birthday was on 7 January 2014.

But to celebrate his 52th anniversary, Barneys has done something special. Here’s are cakes designed by Victoria Zagami (from Made in Heaven Cakes) – the Classic Black Pumps with Red Soles, a shoe box (which is also a cake) and the famous Sweety Charity Bag with a candle on the top. So beautiful that I do not dare to cut them and I am now just wondering how they taste.

Mr. Louboutin, may your inspiration bring us more gorgeous shoes for decades to come.

‘A woman can carry a bag, but it’s the shoe that carries the woman’.

A spokeswoman for the mill finally agreed to meet to go over details of its production. Senior managers, she said, are the substances used are similarly imported from France. For goods produced in more than one country, the country of origin is where the things underwent “the past, substantial, economically justified processing”. Accordingly, the bottoms of the shoes are constantly added after they are exported.The Romanian mill affords visitors both an actual and metaphorical window on the production procedure, as a glass wall opens up the offices to the factory floor.Beyond the window, the work environment is bright and clean and the staff work sitting down. “Here in Romania, all these are matters that the workers appreciate,” that the LV spokeswoman said, speaking to the bad working conditions elsewhere in the country who have led campaigners to explain Romania’s large garment industry as “Europe’s economical sweatshop”.


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