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Oh beautiful bags and shoes, perhaps there are things in life that are worth to-die-for. Like these pair of Christian Louboutin Box Replica Attroupa Pumps. Sophisticated, bold and so-red, it’s time to dress to kill.

Six handsome buckles rise over the arch of the foot, providing a look that is at once timeless and ultra-modern. It’s beautifully made in heart-pumping red, melted together with amazing blue on the long tongue. And girl wearing these, companied with a shockingly red coat, will make anyone’s heart beat twice as fast.

These pair of shoes is also available in beautiful black and leopard, for a more classic version and less attention-grabbing, but still timeless. With 120 mm heels, priced at $1545 USD at Christian Louboutin Umbrella Replica e-store.



The clock began. In six months an Oscar-winning actress will appear under her table at the Polo Lounge and say, “Those are fantastic shoes.” Louis Vuitton has been in the shoe industry for only 20 decades. To bolster its shoe manufacturing, the company purchased a small family shoe workshop in 2001, four years into Marc Jacobs’s tenure as creative director. It is at Fiesso d’Artico, 20 miles outside Venice, in Italy’s Veneto region, which will be known for shoemaking.Michael Burke, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, explains the reason behind its very French firm’s finding its production facilities here. “Veneto is the cradle of shoemaking manufacture and skills,” he says. “In Veneto we’ve found everything we need: prototype engineers, designers, craftsmanship comprehension, and creativity. This is the headquarters for shoes.” The first Vuitton shoe sets were small, largely shoes for runway shows and capsule sets of antique men’s loafers and women’s pumps. In 2009, four decades before Nicolas Ghesquière would replace Jacobs, this bigger, 150,000-square-foot, advanced centre was built nearby, and the firm had a new–and steep–mandate: Shoes are to be as significant as Vuitton’s storied trunks, initially made in 1858. After Justin chose an ostrich-skin wing tip, the order arrived where both made-to-measure and ready-to-wear shoes are crafted. The center, a grey concrete box, seems far more like a contemporary art museum than a shoemaking factory. Really, right away from the entrance is Jean-Jacques Ory’s seven-foot-tall, white-lacquered high heels using an insole depicting Botticelli’s Venus. Inside–past a gallery using a wall of Warhol’s shoe examples and an installation spotlighting fantastical, furniture-like high-heeled inventions from Ghesquière; round the center courtyard with a reflecting pool and sunglassed French designers speaking Italian while smoking Marlboro Lights; and down a hallway beyond the women’s division–sits a guy in one corner of a large mill floor. While the rest of the hangar-like space is more automated, with workers and machines making ready-to-wear sneakers, shoes, and moccasins, this tranquil corner, using a workbench and exotic skins, is dedicated to made-to-measure.

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